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In yet another sign of bad times ahead...
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Greg 99,193 622
by brenboy
SBLC,FC BG,LC For Lease appavdoofinance 2 0
by appavdoofinance
Where do you purchase your materials and fixtures LearningAsIGo 3 0
by LearningAsIGo
business loan apply now Globalfinance123 3 0
by Globalfinance123
We are out of the drought? Thoughts? Are you still gonna conserve H20 or ... are ya gonna Put it on Red? chatterweb 71 6
by larrywww
Lost Thread
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JohnnyCash 92,994 1,482
by GeorgeB
Active mortgage note investors/sponsors in San Diego area? ndhiman 16 0
by ndhiman
Anyone miss the GREAT 2011 FORECLOSURE MARKET? TomScott1 33 0
by TomScott1
General Contractor Needed for San Diego Rehab Project BrettT 94 7
by chatterweb
Is there a way to find out future locations for Walmart? chatterweb 41 1
by Greg
Due Diligence Process of Commercial Properties by Curtis Gabhart CGabhart 33 1
by CGabhart
Sad Story about a Senior Lady Living in her car at the Carlsbad Senior Center. larrywww 77 1
by JamesCherry
Where do you turn toi chatterweb 65 0
by chatterweb
2017 SD Tax Auction Cathy4real 93 2
by Cathy4real
Investing in Multi-Family Apartments and Its Lending Criteria
1 2
mlreits 4,159 40
by larrywww
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brycewheeler 16,425 199
by Greg
San Diego homes hit 10 year high Greg 98 2
by Greg
Exterminator Referral Paul 98 9
by Paul
Can't believe it is still on the market Lenska 94 0
by Lenska
Why do certain Cities accept Rent Control? Once they Turn Overwhelmingly into Rental Communities. larrywww 135 9
by larrywww
Discovering Commercial Real Estate - Seats are limited! CGabhart 106 2
by CGabhart
Real Estate Experts Who Have Dialed it Back---Or Gone to the Great Beyond larrywww 70 0
by larrywww
Have You Read the Guru Manifesto Written by Vena Jones Cox? It's aimed at Beginning Real Estate Investors larrywww 90 6
by mks_97
Which Lenders Have No Overlay Based upon the # of Houses?---Otherwise 4 is Maximum larrywww 75 9
by brycewheeler
Need a source to run credit check for tenants CarlsbadBrad 1,026 5
by Solomon_Johnson154
Bruce Norris Talk on Feb. 4, 2017
1 2
Ria 1,004 33
by larrywww
Did You Miss the Alpaca Bubble? An 80% Return from 2005 to 2011 larrywww 69 3
by rickencin
Credit Union Auto Loan LashellMilton 85 5
by Homeloanwisdom
Are Hotel Investments safe? TomScott1 141 6
by LashellMilton
Jacobs Family Foundation in Southeast San Diego - may liquidate 40 acre RE portfolio Suzanne 87 1
by rickencin
To What Extent do Good Schools Translate Into Higher Prices? larrywww 89 3
by rickencin
remodel value question jc2004 36 0
by jc2004
AirBnB no longer permitted in San Diego? thejq 113 2
by Sunnybright
I would love some off the wall ideas for my primary interior walls to think about for a while chatterweb 34 2
by chatterweb
WEb Cams etc for Primary SFR and one for 2 small commercial properties on same lot chatterweb 23 0
by chatterweb
Has anyone ever used Ron Legrand's Courses? dennyinsd 2,270 18
by Kawika_CA
Anyone ever rent their property to a displaced tenant whose insurance is covering the rent? suh6 56 2
by kaihacker
Direct Mail Results / Patterns / Conversions javipa 105 4
by chatterweb
Fractional Interest Rentals in Resort Areas larrywww 35 0
by larrywww
Hard Money Loans LearningAsIGo 217 1
by todsnodgrass45
All Macroeconomic Predictions Are Less Than Reliable---with a Large Margin for Error larrywww 87 1
by JohnnyCash
Selling A Claim To Future Appreciation Paul 82 3
by larrywww
Property Maintenance Company in San Diego mks_97 60 2
by larrywww
Ponzi Scheme Update---Angel Bronsgeest Pleads Guilty. larrywww 130 5
by larrywww
Why I Hate Gas Water Heaters larrywww 102 4
by mlreits
Executive payment at TARP funded companies still high averyhoward 510 1
by Aliyah
Judgements and Tax Liens to Be Removed from Credit reports. larrywww 52 0
by larrywww
What are your thoughts on Investing in Fresno MarcR 167 7
by larrywww
Amusing Story About Being A Landlord Paul 180 3
by LashellMilton
Need loan-type Definition: Bridge loan erikv2 61 4
by LashellMilton
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