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Here is the winner's circle.  

San Jose and San Francisco are in the top 5.

Anaheim was the only market in Southern California in the top 5 (# 3).  Why am I hearing about this only now?  

San Diego was # 6.

Bruce is giving a seminar on how to cash in on Quadrant 4---but you will have to go to Northern California to see it (so far).

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And if you want to know the hottest neighborhood housing market in America, according to redfin, try Bushrod, Oakland.  Yeah, I never heard of it either.

4 out of the top 10 are in California.

Fedfin predicts that this year will be the year of "2nd tier cities" like oakland, portland, Sacramento, etc

There is also a list of the top 3 for each major American city.

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Olde Carlsbad

Mount Soledad

4s Ranch


I’ll give it a thumbs up for Olde Carlsbad for being on the list, but Soledad & 4S Ranch?  Soledad Mountain has always been on the list being that it 92037 & 4S Ranch is a bear to get to. My list:

La Mesa – youth movement, young familes, going in there.

University City & UTC – exploding but will even more once the commuter rail is put in.

Olde Carlsbad-  Young, middle age & retired. I think it has it all for now at a reasonable price.

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That wasn't the list that caught my eye.

They include a top 3 list for the hottest zip codes in most major metro areas.

They included (if memory serves) in the top 3 a neighborhood where houses were selling for 68,000 in Tampa.  Wow, those are 1970 prices.

There must be a serious downside---is that a war zone?

No wonder Bruce is building near Tampa---if you have house prices that low you arguably (FYI I don't know what he is selling them for) you could arguably see cash flow for rentals.


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Here is another list that caught my eye. Looks like California indeed has a rich real estate market.

American Dream - Now A Reality

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These are interesting links. Thanks friends!
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