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Ok, I've asked this question before and was referred to Samson's audio but it doesn't seem to be working.


I'm curious if anyone is or has recently used bandit signs as a marketing technique.


The only thing I'm concerned about is a huge fine from the city. I've heard people were putting them up on Friday night and the city was "recycling" them on Monday morning which is fine as long as there are no serious fines involved.


I realize it's a violation, I'm just trying to determine how strictly they enforce it.


Thanks for the feedback,



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I have used bandit signs in Vista before but not for real estate.


Ths city does gett pretty pissed off with you in Vista, other parts of San Diego maybe more tolerant.


One guy I know was fined $500 in Escondido for bandit signs but if you make 5,10 or 20K+ is it not worth it.

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