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Through a major effort we have become happily involved in this secretive market and this is what we are experiencing:

  • Investors in this business have kept most investors, like us, out
  • It is more profitable, for us, than the 2010 Foreclosure Market
  • We only needed a few more easily learned skills to be successful
  • With the proper opportunity you can learn how to do what we do 
  • There are various ways to become involved – Passive/Active…

We are a local, hotel investment company, Equitable Investments, LLC,
If you missed out on the Great Foreclosure Market don’t miss out on this too.

We would like to see more San Diego Investors take advantage of this great opportunity, too.  
If you would like to learn more about what we do come to one of our educational luncheons.
We are doing well and want to share what and how to do it right. 

Any one out there interested in discussing hotel investments or another outstanding secretive investment?

thomas scott

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Please don't post these boiler-plate easy money pitches on here. The board is for information sharing.
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