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What are the two most important things anyone in sales NEEDS?? As you think about this question might I suggest 1) an item that many people want/need, and 2) a marketplace where you have no competition. If you ever find these two items exist you will have clear sailing to make a lot of money if that is your goal. 

BLD_0122A.jpg  P_0109A.jpg  This next question may become one that opens up a whole new opportunity for you. Who do you know that is investing in HOTELS? My bet is that you know of no one and you don't know how you could become involved if you wanted to. If you can flip a house then you can flip a hotel with just a few more things to learn. Hotel investing is one of the most secretive and most protected areas because those in it want to keep you out. 

The aforementioned meets the # 2) above, almost no competition. About the # 1) are hotels used by a large number of people? Just about everyone uses them, don't they?

Like you, we were into flipping houses, when the market began changing about 5 years ago. We were able to change focus, with minor adjustments, and moved into the Hotel Industry. By expanding into hotels we have been able to maintain the high ROI we had become accustomed to receiving. 

As a discussion, we are presenting this format for those of you who would like to know more about how the industry works, how to enter it and other issues you may like answered. 
Ask us questions via this Discussion Board or contact us directly on our Contact Us page on our website - 

You can also utalize our Free Lunch at the Hilton program, for a one on one Mini-Seminar with Q&A session to follow. We want to help others, like us, that want to help you explore this area to see if it is right for you. 

Hope to meet you soon.

We do not sell books, tapes or other educational materials. 

Thomas Scott - Managing Member of Equitable Investments, LLC - A Calif. Corp.



thomas scott
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