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I just got back from a day in Carlsbad and Oceanside.  Beautiful day for a Bike ride!  I was a bit amazed that in the Beach areas, there were almost as many "For Rent" signs as there were "For Sale" Signs. (of which there are MANY!)   


I'm curious if .....

someone forgot to tell potential Nor'County Beach residents that everybody still wants to buy $400,000 to $500,000 600-800 sqft bungalows 8 blocks from the Beach, right next door to the (probably ever-present) dulcet tones of Salsa or Grunge/Metal Music blaring from the many mega-ghettoblasters.


or perhaps it's because .....

people are now saying "maybe these places are juuuuuuusta little over-valued at a half-a-mill?  


Thats not even mentioning the 1000-1200 sqft $800,000+ condos ....






The Fresh-Picked-off-the-Vine Strawberries were really good though!    

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