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Hello Happy New Year To All ,I am urgently looking for positive investment opportunities and running business partnerships to invest in i have available required investment capital and looking for any investment opportunities to invest in like a silent partner i need serious business investment opportunities with positive income generating value i am looking more on long term partnership investments which have good profit margin and need additional capital for expansion.

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Hi John,

My name is Thomas Scott and I saw your ad on SDCIA Message Board.
What kind of investments are you open to viewing? Also what area are you interested in for your investments? Can you help me out a bit with your limits and wants you are looking for in an investment?

I live in San Diego and have a company that specializes in doing fix and flip-or hold of properties in a very lucrative market. In fact, we have found it is the Best Kept Secret In Real Estate Investing – Hotels. Not just any hotels but a special niche we have been exploiting for the last five years.  We moved into this area when we determined the collapse of the Great Foreclosure Market was about to occur ie the bidding for properties was going to erode the profit margins that had been so good.

If you would like to know more about how we do what we do and what kind of ROI made us move into the special niche, please contact me at 619-992-2151 and I’ll be glad to explain.

Thanks for your time, John - Thomas

thomas scott
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