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Recently joined the San Diego CIA.  Will be at the next monthly meeting and looking for other educational and networking opportunities.  Anyone here a member of the North County REA as well?  Are these two groups complimentary or competitive?  Which has more training?  More networking opportunities?  Better library?


Also, anyone been to one of the Learning Annex Wealth Expo's?  There is a Chicago one I might go to (family there) or the Anaheim one as a back up (schedule conflict with the Solvang Prelude).  Good list of speakers, probably great for the motivation, but any real rubber meets the road stuff, or just enough tantalizing to sell their programs?


Thanks again.



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I've been to all three clubs (including SOCALCIA) as I travel to SD often. I'm a member of a couple of LA clubs as well. Here is my take:


(1) SDCIA is the oldest club in the area, has the biggest number of members, more than the other two San Diego clubs combined. Good meetings, good message board, however, the average knowledge level of the attendees is quite low. In three years I've been coming to SDCIA meetings on and off, I've never made a good investor contact. Plus, several meetings were a complete waste of trip, they were just too salesy.


(2) North county club is about two years old, they have about 100 people at the three meetings I attended. All three meetings were very heavy on sales, and after the third one I just stopped going there. I can't stand the sales stuff. Seems like their focus is catering to brokers and salespeople, plus they really don't have any personality of their own, a "me too" club.


(3) SOCALCIA though I like, they are young but very innovative. Their meetings are non-sales, very professional and very informative. They have a good looking site, but the message board is still lacking traffic, no comparisson to here. I like their speakers, they teach and don't sell. Also the level of knowledge of the attendees is much higher, I've done some deals with three people already as a result of my networking up there. On the downside - no access to food, just free cookies and water. So, if you are hungry, bring something with you.


My two cents.



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If you want networking you might try meeting some of the investors on this board for lunch/breakfast.  We use to do that earlier this year and it was a good way to meet other investors and brainstorm some ideas.  We would meet through the pre-con group that kevink setup. 


I found it a little easier to network with investors at the SOCALCIA meetings (I have been to about 4 or so) compared to the SDCIA meeting which I found to be very large in numbers, and when I tried to network I found myself meeting Realtors and loan brokers. 


The message board at SOCALCIA was recently revamped and it is very well organized, but as the poster above indicated very little use.  If they can increase the traffic on that site it shows great potential. I again tried to register only to see that my email was already in use, and the user name was not recognized.  There are some very knowledgeable posters on that site, that use to frequently post here.  They are a huge loss for this site, but this site seems to continue to gain registered users and there are still many good posters on this site.


As far as education, I attend a learning annex class.  I actually asked for a refund (never got it), so be careful if you go that route.  This particular class was taught by a RE/MAX broker, that encouraged everyone to sell their CA properties and use him as the listing agent, and then allow him to represent you to buy C class properties in AZ. Total BS and no substance in the class, I can't even recall the name of the class. 


I also went to a Russ Whitney scam, er... class.    Talk about the low of the low.  They talk about getting money to start your RE career (down payments on property is the implication), and suggest during the lunch break that you call your credit card company and see if you can increase your limit and reduce your interest rate.  Whomever gets the highest increase wins a copy of his software, a $1000 value I was told (saw it on eBay for $99).  Then after lunch and the following day the only goal is to sell there overpriced classes.  The mortgage broker sitting next to me bought $60k in classes. 


I found the books stores to be most useful and periodically Bruce Norris offers low cost seminars (under $75) which I highly recommend.






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Mark Hobsche—CA-----------


Here is an earlier discussion of the Learning Annex Real Estate Expo in the spring of this year:


Here is my best advice for the beginning investor. This is an earlier version of my advice, but not too much changed.


Good Investing********Ron Starr************


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Originally Posted by mhobsche

Recently joined the San Diego CIA. Will be at the next monthly meeting and looking for other educational and networking opportunities. Anyone here a member of the North County REA as well? Are these two groups complimentary or competitive? Which has more training? More networking opportunities? Better library?

The NSDREI club ( is more like a professional organization than an investment club. Makes sense though since inventory is rising agents need to get creative in how they find clients. Of course a good one has a buyer's list but that's another marketing thread. They're pretty far north which makes the drive on I5 at rush hour a little challenging.

SOCALCIA ( is a beginner to intermediate level club and since the meetings have less people than SDCIA you get more "face time" when networking or talking to the speaker. Their meetings are at UCSD which puts them in-between SDCIA and NSDREI so if you don't want to fight rush hour traffic then they're a good choice.

Personally I go to all 3 clubs because you never know what you're going to learn or who you'll meet.

I haven't been to any seminars that Learning Annex holds mainly because the number of choices each month is overwhelming.

Good luck

Kawika O.

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can you help Taddyangle with his login problem. It appears to be the same problem I had which you fixed for me.



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