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Hi, How would you like to learn about a Real Estate Investment Program we are happily involved in that is producing better ROI than we got during the Great Foreclosure Market of 2011? 

This market is closely held and protected by those in it. It is very difficult to penetrate and/or learn. When you talk to any of your friends, in the next few days, ask them if they know of anyone that is in the Hotel Business(Hospitality Industry)?  Bet you they will say "NO." Why is that? 

Isn't one of the two major questions any of us should ask when we get into an area that has to do with sales; "how much competition is there and who are they?" Of course the other is this product and/or service needed by a lot of people? 

Back to the competition issue. If so many people had not gotten into the Great Foreclosure Market the profits would have continued for a long time. The banks would have still needed investors like you and me to help bail them out of the fix they were in. As more investors got into that market and made huge profits the inventories went down until the banks were able to return to their old ways of dictating tougher terms. 

Now consider a marketplace where the competition is almost non-existent and getting into that market is often blocked. Nice to know someone that has created an entrance into that market and is willing to show you how they did it. We are willing to show a few individuals how we got started and how we became successful in the Hotel Business. 

Give me a call and sign up for a free luncheon to learn about our program to help you learn about this HIDDEN SECRET R.E. INVESTMENT market. 
Visit us at our booth at the SDCIA Oct. 10 Expo. 

Looking forward to meeting you, there.

Thomas Scott
Managing Member of
Equitable Investments, LLC

thomas scott
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