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Hello all, I have a swimming pool and wanted to fill it up or convert it to have a back yard.  Is anyone have any suggestion or who can do kind of job?  Thank you very much.


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Well I have not personally done this but have seen it done. I don't think it envolves anything more than hiring a gardener to bring in some fill and fill that baby up, top it off and cover with some sod. Presto, new yard.

I once almost bought a house but discovered that the house and pool were

built on land fill and slipping down the hill. We backed out and later saw an open house at this home. The owners had filled in the pool and there was no mention about the pool!

BTW, years later knew the people that bought that house unaware of pool in backyard. The retaining walll and construction that was required from them to save thier house almost bankrupted them!


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A pool needs to be completely removed.  It has rebar that makes the form and then the plaster or gunnite is applied ..  if you drain it and keep it empty the pool will most likely self destruct, the weight of the water keeps the pool intact.  Its not a cheap thing, I did look into it ...  So I maintain my pool and rarely use it ..


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Learned about this the hardway. The whole project falls under the guides of the building department. Contact either the county or city building department and get a permit and do it right.

The building inspector will give you the criteria you will have to fulfill. From there you can determine the scope and size of your project. If you need some leads for contractors/laborers, engineers & soil testers send me an email.

Remember moving dirt is expensive if you don't do it right you'll pay 3 times for the job. Put it in-Take it out-Put it in right.

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This link may help answer some questions -


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Thank you for all help and informations.  I may keep because look like it's a lot of work and money to fill it up.  I called the city of San Diego, they told me that I have to get the permit to fill it up.  If you go to and this will come up...


202 Swimming Pool/Spa
... DS-5202 (08-03) INFORMATION BULLETIN 202 August 2003 ... Page 2. Page 2 of 2
City of San Diego • Information Bulletin 202 August 2003 ... - Text Version
[ More results from ] e up the info.



Thanks again,




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I agree with Lori's assessment.  Not at all cheap or easy.  Removing all that
rebar and concrete isn't going to be exactly easy.  Has to be inspected by the city. And if you do the job in a shoddy manner, you get a big sinkhole in your front yard.
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