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The water district gave me some tablets that will show whether or not you have a leak.

You put the tables in the tank and if the water turns dark, you have problems.


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Ah, toilets and tenants stuff.

Good to know.
I've had leaks several times.
The flapper valve not seating properly can cause leaks and cause the fill mechanism to cycle on and off. Annoying.  The flapper is easy to replace (turn off the water first) but you might need to wipe off the mating surface first.
Working inside the toilet tank is a bit of a squeeze. Small people have an advantage here.
I just replaced the fill mechanism on my own toilet and noticed the (Fluidmaster) instructions said not to stick the fill tube in the overflow pipe.  My plumbers always do this.
It does take more water (longer time) to fill the tank with the fill tube flowing water into the overflow.  Seems stupid to waste water considering these low flow toilets are required by code. I suppose it is somewhat safer to direct the water to the overflow.
It's kind of amazing that it ever fills, though.  Isn't the point that the overflow can handle the maximum fill rate?
Does anyone know if you are really supposed to stick the fill tube in the overflow or not?

If there was anything I would change about my real estate career it would be to learn to replace toilets before I started.  This would have saved me thousands of dollars by now.
I usually practice on my own plumbing before working on my tenants.  I actually got pretty good at irrigation sprinklers.  It's mostly tinker toys with a bit of gluing thrown in.  The hardest part is that you can't see what is happening underground.  Experience is very valuable.
Water damage is the atom bomb of home repairs, you just don't want to ever make mistakes.


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BTW, They sell the tablets at Home Depot.

They call them Detect a Leak Toilet Tablets.
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