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I was listening to the radio and heard this rather interesting statistic.  That beats even Detroit or Baltimore, I'm pretty sure.

This is one of those cities along the Mississippi that used to service river traffic.

Actually, it's at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers---which might position it well at least for river traffic.  (Although also for flooding). 

But it quite apart from its economic decline, the city is flood prone in addition to having lost most of its employment.

The river traffic has dwindled, the trains no longer stop there and the interstate stranded them----pretty much game over.

Actually, it sounds like the correct outcome---what's the point of having a city without jobs?  Not to mention being routinely flooded.

I imagine there are probably other cities of which this could be said.  (Though none that I recall)

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Thanks for sharing.

I checked it out on Zillow and Google maps. It looks like a flooding disaster waiting to happen. And you can buy a nice old house there for $50K.

I think about places like this for California people that simply want to cash out of the state and move into something paid for. An alternative to the "reverse mortgage".

Cairo might not be the best choice,but there are probably others.
Actually, except for the flooding, there are probably some nice river view properties.,-89.003335,36.929311,-89.438668_rect/10_zm/

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