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According to NAR:
Now repeat after me:
rising prices-good time to buy before it goes higher
dropping prices-good time to buy because its come down(”soft landing”)
higher inventory-good time to buy because there is so much to look at


Let me guess, five years from now when prices finally bottom they will say it is a good time to buy because prices are extremely cheap.  And guess what?  They will finally be right!

There is no such thing as luck, it's all about the astute mastery of probabilities.

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Realtors are sales people, and their income is dependent on housing sales.

So what do you expect them to say?

Realtors are not impartial commentators on the housing cycle - never were, never will be.


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What cracks me up are those that are shocked, just shocked!, at such behavior.


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People should expect this from salespeople.


The trouble comes in when you don't know who's talking. To take an example, the current issue of the Carmel Valley community fishwrapper has an article, which unless I missed it has no byline or source, and is not marked as an advertisement. It lists all the well-worn reasons for buying now, starting with the claim that, while double-digit appreciation may have ended, there will most certainly be no "crash."


Obviously it was written by a Realtor, and since real estate ads take up about half of the page count of that publication it's pretty obvious who butters their bread.


I just wonder if potential buyers in that part of town are gullible enough to act on the basis of such stuff.


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I don't blame the Realtors(tm). I blame the media for making Realtors(tm) the "go to guys" on every real estate story. No wonder the masses are surprised by the downturn. All they've heard for years is "running out of land, always goes up, great time to buy." Why the media doesn't realize the interests of their sources, I don't know. Cynically, I'd say they don't care.

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Why the media doesn't realize the interests of their sources, I don't know.

Realtors churn out Press Releases, which the journalists then use to fill their columns.

The journalists may be very well aware of the sources, but it's easier to fill up the page with what realtors hand to them on a plate. Otherwise, the journalists would have to research and write all the stuff themselves, for heavens' sake!

The public is gullible enough to take what realtors tell them, because they assume that realtors must have their finger on the pulse of the market.

Realtors are fond of saying that their business is a 'people' business. A potter manipulates clay; a mechanic manipulates engines; realtors manipulate people in order to best maximize their own remuneration.

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Lereah said he still expects a "soft landing" for the housing sector.

Yeah, right !
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