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"Oh yeah, I remember them" ...will become a often heard phrase in the coming years,


do consider Sears Home Services for your modernization / energy efficiency improvements / "cosmetic enhancements" improvements.  The one writing this
post hardly stands to gain anything from this post - - except perhaps, a 10% chance
of earning all of $15, if you mention Promoter ID X398 when / if you call to direct book
a cost estimate.  There's 3 ways to access Sears for home/investment asset physical upgrade pricing services ...

1) Online, visit 

2) Direct Book of a Sears property Pro:  1-888-577-4342

3) Drive down to your nearest Sears, and speak with a In-Store promoter,
    like myself.  I work at the El Cajon Store, Friday through Sunday afternoons

    Out of Love for Cia members, I'll invite you to reach me via private line
     at 619-552-0433 to arrange a cost estimate.

SEARS HOME SERVICES carries full insurance and a Contractor's license to do home and asset improvements work, in all of the Continental US.

Work We Do - in a nutshell, ....all equipment changeouts, appliance changeouts,
      all cosmetic physical improvements, where moving of plumbing drain lines and load bearing walls is NOT required.  

* required maintenance of ANY Sears-purchased, or Kenmore appliance
* Shingle Roofs,
*Attic insulation,
*new HVAC systems (by Carrier),
* HVAC duct cleaning
*kitchen cabinet refacing,
*kitchen remodels,
* Bathroom upgrades and remodels
* Attic insulation installation
* kitchen countertop replacement
* Window replacement (with dual pane products, welded joints, argon gas btwn panes)
* Low maintenance vinyl siding
* UV resistant "cool wall" texture coated exteriors
* Flooring replacement - vinyl plank, laminate, ceramic, carpeting
* Exterior wall painting
* Garage door replacement / Garage door opener servicing

RELATED FACTOID - SEARS HOME SERVICES is so successful at what it does,
that on any given month in America, there are over 9,000 Sears-led home improvement
projects being carried out!

Many thanks Cia member for reading this ad .....

"without the right support, it's hard to be as successful as we want to be."

- sincerely Erik Verkaaik Kiosk Logo.jpg 

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Perhaps Sears will survive their pending meltdown. Their old model of retailing has been failing but perhaps with a new twist, home improvement contracting,  they can right themselves. They may be late to the game though since they'll have to compete with better aligned operations already in retail and home improvement contracting. Sears (to me) always represented quality with such lines as Lands End, Diehard, Kenmore and Craftsman Tool.
If I were Sears I'd call the new department Craftsman's Contracting Services. Good luck Erick - Tell us how it is going after a few months.

Thom MacFarlane
Banker-Broker NMLS #282091 858-485-0462

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