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Searching for experiences and ease of installation (for a single chic) Me:

2 types:

one for my primary SFR that one: no bells or luxury stuff because :

No heater

no ac

no doorbell

no automatic overhead garage door opener (I open it myself)

WHy now:
Why SoON?

I am taking Easter trip to check on my POPpa and

I just won round 3 and hopefully last and final round of divorce shennagins and need to beef up security. I have ADT already, however, I run a small business from my house as well.

So, I thought for Fathers Day, survallance for the commercial property and it will be a lot easier for me and my sibling to manage from remote locations.

The commercial properties (both small on one lot and both tenant occupied) are near Calabasas  in Old Agoura and I am here and sib is in Irvine but he is not interesed or tired of dealing with and passed into my lap.

we can have a couple neat gifts for Dad for Father's Day this year with both
these surprises [smile]
That way, Jefry can go back to just being a Tenant.
And you can spy on him from yur Cell phones and I can spy via iPad PC and my cheep laptop [smile]
See if he starts paying his rent on time again

if he knows that there are cameras watching

him load and unload paint every day from his work vehicle....

Hee Heee

Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.
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