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It's rather astonishing, but it seems like this website is a total ripoff.  We knew one agent who had sold a property like 10 months ago----this website announced an open house using his name this weekend.  Who exactly was going to show up for the alleged showing is rather a mystery, I guess, but it appears to be some impostor.

If you look at the reviews for the website, almost all posters say it's a total ripoff.

I have no idea what is going on, but you can't call them-----they have no live operators.

And some of the ripoff report posters indicate that this website will take old listings that have been rented out and then repost them at unreaslistically low rents.

Kind of astonishing they can get away with this.  Mainly it preys on agents, landlords and/or section 8 tenants who sign up for the service.


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It sounds like a variation (not much) of what is all over Craigslist.

Search on rentals and you'll find a bunch that seem too good to be true - priced  hundreds below the going rate.

If you contact them via email you'll get an email from scammer back who pretends to be the owner. He lives out of town, and you'll need to send him money and so the scam starts....

I'm not sure if  all is a fraud, or maybe just some lowlifes  are exploiting it.


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I don't keep track of Craigslist ripoff schemes, Greg, so maybe you are correct.

But one of the simple tricks for evaluating a website or service is to google the name followed by ripoff.

Something like 43 out of 50 of the reviews are 1 out of 5 stars----Well, you get the idea.

There is a comment on ripoff report that this website has alot of unrealistically low rents on "phantom" properties----properties that, in fact, are not on the market.  That brings the tenants into the website.

Read the comments and it says that those behind the website will give you a "free" trial---and then charge your credit card, repeat ad indefinitum, etc.

The problem is that gosection8 is a bit too pricey---so it has spawned rival websites that are (IMHO) imposters.

The reason why these guys get away with it-----they appear to mainly prey on Section 8 tenants---and that isn't a really powerful group.  What other website is going to survive with those kind of reviews?

Anyway, gosection8 is a legitimate website if that is whom you want to have as renters---even if it is overpriced.  I don't know if all the stories are true, but I am NOT likely going to use a credit card to get a login on a website ( that will empty my bank account in short order, no matter what they promise.  

I appreciate your contribution, Greg, and I must say that the fact that scammers are using craigslist to fabricate false rentals sure means that you need to VERIFY FIRST who has authority to speak for the owner (or only deal with the owner).

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