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Has anyone had success with a judgement recovery company? Not a collection agency.



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Paul,  I don't have a specific company to recommend but I can share on experience I had 10+ years ago.  I had to sue a business (POS software and hardware) and I was awarded a judgement.  I tried to collect but couldn't locate the guy.  Every day (it seemed) I got calls from recovery companies.  I finally gave up and let them go for it.  Over the next year or two I probably had 15 different recovery companies work on it.  None had any success.  Most stick to the "easy fruit".


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I think it may have a difference if the judgment recovery company is just the average individual or an actual licensed private investigator.. The licensed PI has access to information the average individual does not which will aid in the location of an individual.

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Thought I'd bump this.

I sent a copy of the judgement to a company recommended by someone I now professionally. I had a good phone conversation with the owner of the company and he said he'd get to work on it. I never heard from him again and he doesn't take my calls or answer emails. I haven't paid him anything, just wasted time.


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If there is not a substitution of an attorney signed by you or an assignment of the judgment notarized by you, there is nothing the company can do as far as having process issued by the Court to enforce the judgment. So any collection agency or judgment recovery company that does not arrange for this is doing nothing other than jawboning the judgment debtor at best. 

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