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We've all been told a million times the best way to find a worker is through a reference.  But where do you find references? is a local community based website (for your address/zipcode).  One the most common posts is "Does anybody know a good handyman or electrician?"  So after a period of time you can gather up a whole bunch of references for your area. 

You are not supposed to post direct advertisements for your business, but if you respond to an inquiry saying "I do that, give me a call for a quote" it seems to be OK.  They do have paid advertisements, but it is not used that much.  You mostly need a email address and zipcode to sign up.  They do ask your name and address, so it is not anonymous, but that keeps down the spam.  I'd give you a URL but I have a cookie or something on my computer so it always goes to my account.  I've been using it for a couple of months and other than daily emails (kind of the point), nothing untoward has happened.  A great place for "has anyone seen my lost cat?"  Sign up at


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Thanks for the tip. I'll check that out. I don't think I have an account and here is the link:

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Wow great tip! Since we are sharing tips when hiring workers - I'll the share this articles for all moms out there who wants to hire nannies. I hope this will be useful! 
Kookie Jay
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