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I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask for options but I need quotes from lenders, especially anyone that lends in Texas..

Property in Galveston TX, 4/2 1600sf
Appraised for 237,500 two weeks ago.
Just finished up the rehab. Looking to convert into a long term buy and hold with Short term rental initially.
Market Rent: 1600-1900/mo
Property to be held in LLC. Guarantor on the loan has a credit score of 780. 
Existing Loans on the property: 108K but total cost on the project was just north of 200K.
Looking to refinance for 75% LTV. 5/1 or 7/1 ARM.

Please contact me as soon as possible with loan options and terms. I need to know LTV, Interest Rate, Fees, Closing time-frame.
I have two lenders that would look at this. If interested, contact me at or through my web page at http://www.gleavesfundingcom
Funding can be accomplished very quickly after they review all the facts for this loan
Curtis Gleaves