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I'm seeking an expert at removing popcorn ceilings. Any recommendations? 
pacificwalker wrote:

I'm seeking an expert at removing popcorn ceilings. Any recommendations?

Removing Popcorn In 10-Steps 

1)  Lay some plastic down. 
2)  Find a 10" drywall blade (spreader/trowel) and attach extension handle.
3)  Find a pressure sprayer, and fill with water, along with a couple drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid.
4)  Spray popcorn until it's fully saturated.  Let it stand.  Spray a second and third time, as necessary to allow water to fully saturate the popcorn.
*Some popcorn may fall off without scraping.  That would indicate you have saturated it well enough. 
5)  Immediately scrape popcorn using the drywall blade (and before water evaporates and/or soaks into sheet rock).
*** Popcorn should literally fall off the ceiling with very little effort, if it's saturated well enough. 
*** The blade should remove the material down to the paper, or original primer, and leave a relatively smooth surface. 
6)  Allow surface to dry completely (overnight is best).
7)  Use a pole sander filled with '150-grit,' open-face, drywall sandpaper, to sand entire area where popcorn was removed.
8)  Prime the surface when finished.
9)  Allow primer to dry completely (overnight).
10) Lightly re-sand surface with fresh, '150-grit,' open-face, drywall sandpaper in order to remove all remaining surface imperfections.

Now the area will be ready to accept new paint, texture, or ???

*** Of course, if you're in a hurry, and this is a rental, you can assume drying time to be 3 hours.  Keep a fan running.

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Most Drywall contractors and many painting contractors will do that for you. in many cases the ceilings will need to be re skimmed to provide a smooth (or textured) surface for painting.  if you need a reference,my drywall guy is excellent.
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