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Hey all, looking for title company recommendations on 2 San Diego transactions with 2 unique issues.
1. First transaction.  Investor purchased from seller in 2013.  Closing deed did not go thru title/escrow. We have a loan escrow in process and title company is requiring an uninsured deed affidavit from the 2013 seller.  Seller does not want to cooperate.  We have provided title with the purchase agreement/disclosures/proof of payment to prove it was a valid transaction but still insisting on uninsured deed affidavit.  

2. Second transaction.  Loan escrow in process.  Property is vested to title holding trust.  Title company wants property deeded out of trust.  Doing so would create possible reassessment issues.  

Any company recommendations would be appreciated.  You can post here, email me privately, or text me at 619-316-3541.  

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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Try Allison McCloskey in San Diego. They're known as a creative escrow company and will find the right title company for you. Every time I've bought from a wholesaler, usually a complicated transaction, the wholesaler always uses them and they've made it work.
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